Mary Shadduck's Mother's Death

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DECEMBER 24, 1914                                                                                          No. 30

Found Dead in Bed

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malethaparkerheaterandkids.jpg (82178 bytes)  Mrs. Louis Heater, for some time a resident of Bow Creek township, was found dead in her bed one morning last week by her eight year old son, her husband being absent from home.  A coroner's inquest was held over the body and after careful investigation returned a verdict showing that death was the result of heart disease.  A very pitiable story comes to us of her death.  Mr. Heater was away at work and Mrs. Heater and her six children, the oldest being eight years of age and the youngest ten months, were at home alone.  On the evening before her death she was not feeling well and according to the little son's evidence he had prepared and given her some medicine just before he retired.  Along in the night he heard the baby crying and knowing of his mother's illness went to her bed and took the baby to bed with him.  When morning came he got up and called to his mother, getting no response he went to the bedside and tried to rouse her.  Getting no response he dressed the other children and loading the three smaller ones in a hand cart the six started out for their grandparents several miles away.  Thus they went until the George Haynes home was reached where Mrs. Haynes seeing them thought something must be wrong to force six as little fellows as they were out in the cold so early in the morning, so she stopped them to inquire the cause.  The oldest told her his mama was asleep and he could not wake her.  A telephone message sent Charley Haynes, the nearest neighbor, to the home where he found the mother of the little tots cold in that sleep from which there is no waking, death having come to her some time during the night, presumably earlier than when the baby cried.  In making the trip the little fellows did they must have suffered terribly from the cold and we are told that one little girl's feet were frosted while another's fingers were frozen.

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